Signature Italian Fashion Necklace

# 14WH11P

Signature Italian Fashion Necklace

# 14WH11P

14KT Pink Wheat 1.1mm


Product Details

Stock Number 14WH11P
Department Fashion
Type Necklace
Material 14K Rose Gold
Avg Grams2.2

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Signature Italian Fashion Necklace

These Italian-made chains are very strong, light and are available in white, and yellow, in both 14 & 18KT. 1.1MM Pink gold.

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Osborne's Jewelers Athens Signature Italian Fashion
Signature Italian Fashion

Herco has been providing fine jewelry to retail stores across the US for over 40 years. Herco offers 14KT & 18KT gold jewelry in white, yellow, and pink, with the majority of its collection made in Italy.